Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

My, my, how time flies.... It's obvious that I haven't blogged in 5 months, but life has been a little busy. First, I'd like to share our excitement about baby Boerger #3, expected to arrive the first week of November! We thrilled and nervous! Secondly, it's been difficult the last month and a half... While visiting my family for spring break, I suddenly developed pain in my lower leg/calf. I went to the emergency room 5 days after the pain first began because it was unbearable. Although I told the ER peeps what I suspected to be the problem, I was told I had a high ankle sprain. I came home and suffered nearly another week with excruciating pain and felt my suspicions were true since I now had pain in the back of my knee, swelling and inability to walk on that leg. Suspicions were true-- I had 2 blood clots in my leg and a clot in my lung called a pulmonary embolism. After several days in the hospital, I was released to care for myself at home. I'm on injections daily to thin my blood and hopefully prevent further blood clots from forming. Baby seems well. That's where the drama's been. Sooo, enough about that... Here's a few pics from Easter!

 These are the boys' classmates from their preschool.
 Here is our friend Caleb taking Cayden's eggs out of his basket!
 The boys in a frantic search for more eggs--quick, someone snag the chocolate before they OD!
 Our family: Camden & Cayden are 3 1/2 years old. Baby #3 expected in 6 months.
We were unable to spend Easter with our families, but we were happy to share it with our Tyler family!


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